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We monitor and control your system using the newest technologies
Developing customized hardware and software to meet your unique project requirements

Development of embedded hardware customized to meet project requirements.

We design customized embedded hardware to meet unique project requirements. Choosing the best components to achieve the highest results in asset monitoring.


Efficient development using the newest technologies and experienced people.


High performance cloud platform, safely accessible from your device anywhere in the world.

Our cloud platform provides you all information required to optimalise and control your system, we develop our software based on requirements to meet your project.


Millions of data points stored in a secured and safe cloud environment.

We store all data inside our cloud, this data can be accesed from all over the world through our platform. Millions of data points will be visualised in custom widgets.

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High Performance

Our platform is accessible with only a internet connection. Within seconds we can progress milions of data points and generate analysis for your system.


We can customize our software to fulfill your project requirements, extend to thousands of devices in a single project.

Cloud Service

With our cloud we save all your data in a secure and scalable environment. No data loss and always access to your data everywhere in the world.

Global Key Features Of Our System

Some features that makes our product better then others.

Features SmartMC
Quick Prototyping and Production
Plug and Play Installation
Custom Data Visualization
No monthly costs per connection
Customized software/firmware
Easy Scalable

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